Navasera presents itself as a partner for foreign representation companies that would like to introduce themselves into the Turkish market, both for assistance, sales and in offering technical services, installation and complete post-sales assistance and consultation.


Navasera will help you bring your products into Turkey.


Navasera is an innovative consulting firm for business services, business development, agency and sales representation. In addition to helping you successfully enter and expand in Turkish market, you will also get Navasera experience that can help you to get the job done.


Those who are interested in establishing collaboration may use the following services;





With a long term experience and deep competence in project management, Navasera is involved as consultant in any type of company to company transactions in the domestic or international area in technical and/or financial manner.





Navasera represents your company from the first contact to the clients, to the conclusion and post-sales phase. Navasera’s competent sales and service team provides all the necessary trainings, after-sales services and repair and maintenance support. Thanks to our knowledgeable and strong team.

Navasera has been achieving its goal to create market share and to maintain success for the foreign co-operators.


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